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Stressed Woman

Are You Feeling
Burned Out?

Being exhausted, mentally, emotionally and physically

Feeling a frightening sense of overwhelm when faced with going to work every day

Spending seemingly endless unpaid hours working at home


Dealing with the tension all of this causes with your friends and family relationships

Get the Beat Teacher Burnout Guide

Learn 5 Quick Tips to Help You Overcome the Overwhelm



Watch my video below to learn about my own struggles with teacher and educator burnout, how I was able to relieve that pressure and what you can do to Beat Teacher Burnout!

About Me

Do wish that you could just be the awesome teacher you set out to be at the beginning of your career?

Are you at the beginning of your career and unsure if you will be able to continue because of the stress and feelings of overwhelm?

Have you ever imagined about how it would feel to be energized and excited at the end of your day at school teaching the children you have come to know and love?

I am Tanefa Wallace, Life Coach, Master Teacher and Teacher Trainer/Coach.

I have faced those feelings of overwhelm and burnout myself. Being an urban educator was just so hard! The students were amazing and rose to expectations, but there was no one to show me how to balance being a teacher and a separate person. I was very overwhelmed. Just like you, I debated leaving eduction forever.

I overcame those feelings years ago by taking control of my life and it is now my mission to help teachers do the same and beat teacher burnout.

Teachers are leaving the field of education more now than ever!

Imagine if you could be an awesome teacher/educator AND feel fulfilled. As a recovering burned-out teacher and educator, I am here to help you beat teacher burnout.


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Teacher with Students

If you think you are ready to get started, but aren't quite sure, sign up for a Beat Teacher Burnout Intro on the appointments page! 


But, if you know you need to get to the nitty gritty of beating teacher burn out - click the button below to sign up for exclusive access to the self-paced course that will put you on your way to overcoming the overwhelm of teaching in our times.

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