Self - Love Sessions

Working with groups of women dealing with the stress of daily life and the pursuit of goals and dreams, we realized that there was a need for more avenues for women to discuss the trials of life and find not only solutions, but a way to balance their life long goals with their day to day living. Then the question became:


How do you implement self-care, 

if you don't know what self-love looks like?

Healing from the soul out, allows you to be fully in-tune with who you are and helps to secure a sense of self, centered around loving yourself first.



Tanefa was very helpful in assisting me see and lean on my strengths as well as challenging me to recognize my true self.

All in an understanding and gentle way!

N'Zinga, Project Manager & Entrepreneur 

Tanefa always encourages me to be the best version of myself. She challenges me to think differently, outside of the box, while giving me room to make mistakes. She always finds a lesson to grow through it all.

Lady A, Human Resources Professional 

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