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First Love Yahself Coaching 

Do you know women who are struggling to bounce back after a devastating trauma, heartbreak, or divorce? Through my online coaching and courses, I help women recovering from bad breakups and personal traumas to regain their sense of self-love and confidence in who they are as whole women. If fact, I was left wondering who I was after a bad breakup with an #fboy followed by a failed, rebound marriage, and I had to rebuild my-inner self from the ground up by creating habits and ways of being I am sharing here, that helped me regain my sense of self! 

FLY Coaching implements the 5 Habits to FLY, which helps you to re-establish a secure sense of self after experiencing a devastating divorce, rejection or heartbreak that feels like it shattered you! The foundation of this FLY Coaching System are the 3 Steps to Self-Love. The system is centered around knowing yourself, practicing awareness of ways of being and accepting yourself. All of this work leads to loving yourself, first - so that you honor the Spirit within and are able to live your life on your own terms!

The 5 Habits to FLY represent ways of being that will assist you to get back to yourself after being broken in ways you never thought would happen. When used to be so confident but now you feel unsure of who you are and what you represent or even how to feel about what has happened - these 5 Habits to FLY will be exactly what you need!