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Reiki in Action!

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Hey Beautiful Souls,

I hope you had a relaxing and wonderful Mother’s Day weekend. Whether you are a biological mother or not we all have given birth to something and have nurtured another soul even if it is just a plant!! So we give thanks for you!

I had the pleasure of being a guest practitioner at Uzuri Spa on the last weekend of Finding Your Wei, a journey curated by the owner, Tiah!

Finding Your Wei was a 5-week experience for up to six guests to indulge in yoga, sound bowl healing, hiking and reiki - by yours truly among other healing modalities.

The last Sunday was on May 2, and it was an opportunity for guests to come and actually witness the impact of reiki on their aura.

They took aura photographs with Tammy of Galaxy Hypnosis, before and after a short chair session with me and the results were astounding! The young lady with the least change to her aura was the one who had attended the most sessions with Uzuri Spa‘s Finding Your Wei - which was no coincidence!

Here are the results:

Balanced Chakras
Brightened Aura & Shoulder Pain Reduction
Throat Chakra Adjustment

She received a gift!
Clearing & Balancing

These amazing women were so gracious! Can you tell who had been to all of the sessions of Finding Your Wei?

If you become a member here at Soul On Purpose you have access to monthly memberships that will assist in helping you keep your aura balanced and in doing so, help you balance your emotional and mental wellness in ways you may have never considered!

Join as a Silver Star for your choice of a monthly session, it’s $45/month. The Major plan is $70/month and includes an Affirmation Session and a Signature Reiki Session with a bonus SOP Tee of your choice. And if you any want two sessions of your choice and a bonus Soul On Purpose Tee, you can become a Solid Gold Soul for $95/month! Now, if you need to dig a little deeper into your chakras and address some deep seated issues, go with the Vibranium Vibrance package where you are able to receive three (3) treatments per month: two Crystal Treatments and one Reiki with Chakra Affirmations all for $150/month.

If you are still dealing with the emotional rollercoaster of this continuing saga we are all enduring, I hope you will consider how we can assist you with maintaining balance and staying whole in this unprecedented time!

Be blessed,


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